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As we spend the month shopping for our loved ones, there is one gift that should be crossed off the list: a puppy. Gifts are things, and things can be abandoned. Dogs are not things, but they are bought as Christmas presents year after year. While there are many benefits of bringing a dog into your life, it might not be the best option for a number of reasons. If you plan to buy a puppy for Christmas, consider the following:

Puppies are a BIG commitment. We get it, they’re cute and cuddly and you just want to squeeze them! But those puppies grow up, and you’ve got to consider whether you’re ready for a 15 year commitment to another living thing. Puppies come with a whole lot more than good cuddles. You are committing to a life-long relationship, and that means training, exercise and a bunch of surprises (especially in those puppy months!)

Puppies Cost a Bundle. Between buying the puppy, the initial and ongoing vet visits, toys and training, puppies can cost a pretty penny. Also, if you are a buying a puppy for a child or significant other, there is no promise they are capable of the commitment. Unfortunately the gift of a puppy doesn’t come with the gift of responsibility: not everyone has the capability to introduce a puppy into their lives. 

Increased Abandonment. It is sad but true that the number of abandoned dogs in the streets increases during the post-Christmas period. Some people simply can’t take care of animal, no matter how cute they are. And while giving them to a shelter is always an option, so many people leave them in the streets to fend for themselves. If you buy a puppy for a friend or loved one, there’s no guarantee they will keep it.

If You’re Ready, Adopt! If you are still set on getting a puppy, head to the local shelter and adopt a dog in need of a home. Countless dogs are put to death every year because of overpopulation in animal shelters. Adopting a puppy can save you a lot of money upfront, and also save a dog’s life.

Consult DGA. If you need help deciding whether you are ready for a puppy, or if you aren’t sure whether you should adopt, come to DGA and we’ll provide a consultation! Call for more information about a formal consultation. 775-800-1011