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Winter Dog Day Camp

Join in on the adventure!

Our Trek & Train program is an exceptional winter doggy day camp that provides outdoor adventure and specialized care. It’s a unique combination of playtime and practice unlike any camp in the area.

Winter gets a bad rap for keeping our best buds from trekking out and getting the exercise they need. Well, we’re turning our snouts up to that! We have several outdoor adventures planned with our winter doggy day camp as weather allows and plenty of other indoor activities for when it doesn’t. Keep your dog active this season with this great variety of winter-themed training activities, games, and treats!

Throughout December thru February Trek & Train dogs attending will enjoy a variety of the options below and every Trek & Train dog will receive a winter-themed photo. Looking forward to another season of thrilling, outdoor (and indoor) adventure!

Outdoor Adventure - Winter Doggy Day Camp



Winter Hikes – Refreshing hikes in the pine tree mountains and snowy hillsidesof Northern Nevada.

Track the Treat – All that beautiful snow makes a perfect environment for this thrilling game of hide-and-seek. This tracking challenge will engage your dog’s problem-solving skills and keep their keen sense of smell active. And don’t forget the delicious reward at the end!

Dog Training Challenges - DGA Dog Day Camp



Obedience games designed to reinforce training

Distraction Challenge  – Dogs will be placed in a “down” command while we challenge them with distractions like toys, noise, and movement. The dogs that stay in a “down” the longest win. Dogs demonstrating the best control get extra holiday take-home treats. 

Winter Warmup Agility Challenge – Fun obstacles to channel all that energy and keep your dog’s problem-solving skills engaged. They will tour through various challenges testing their “place” skills, basic obedience and ability to focus on a specific task.

Just for Fun - DGA Dog Day Camp

Santa Snack Toss – Catch the delicious treats mid-air. Who can snag the Cranberry & Carrot and Pumpkin Pie treats first?

Dog Nog – What winter is complete without a cup of sweet delicious eggnog? We have a special blend of nourishing holiday nog made just for dogs by The Honest Kitchen. We’ll be serving up a few bowls to celebrate the season.

Pup-ography – We’ll snap a photo of each Trek & Train pup in a fun, winter-themed background complete with cute holiday hats.

Dog Treats - DGA Dog Day Camp



  • Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats

  • Cranberry and Carrot Treats

  • Dog Nog


Trek and Train - DGA Dog Day Camp




  • 2 hour Wild & Free Field Trip
  • (2) 1-hour playgroups
  • Roam free on campus
  • Food, water, treats
  • Grooming care & pest check
  • General health check of lumps, bumps & sores
  • Baths if needed
  • Daily Report Card
  • Photo and video shares
  • Acess to DGA seasonal camps

Looking for a winter doggy day camp?

We do require that all new dogs joining must has previous training with Dog Gone Amazing. We have several dog training packages available. We’d love to talk. Call us at 775.800.1011 or email us at info@doggoneamazing.com