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Find the perfect place to spend a summer day with Fido on one of the many dog friendly beaches in Tahoe. You and the pup can be surrounded by tall mountains and blue skies, cool off in the clear water and breathe in the fresh alpine air.

If you know where to go, Lake Tahoe is a great place to take your dog to the beach. Even though there are many beaches in the area, it’s important to know which ones are dog-friendly and have enough space for your furry friend to run around and play.

One great thing about the dog-friendly beaches in Tahoe is that they are all over the lake. So, wherever you stay, you’re never too far from a great beach where you can take your dog.

21 Dog Friendly Tahoe Beaches All Around The Lake

Lake Tahoe East Shore Dog Friendly Beaches

  1. Chimney Beach: Located on National Forest land and about two miles south of Sand Harbor State Park, this beach is named after the stone chimney that remains on the lakeshore. You’ll need to hike a little more than a mile downhill to get there. While this Lake Tahoe beach is dog friendly, your furry friend needs to be leashed up and under control. Remember to bring poop bags and leave the area as pristine as you found it!
  2. Secret Harbor Beach: Like Chimney Beach, Secret Harbor Beach is at the end of a hiking trail on land owned by the National Forest. It’s very popular for hikers and boaters alike, so make plans accordingly. As with most beaches in National Forests, Fido will have to be on a leash and behave himself.
  3. Skunk Harbor: Another dog friendly Lake Tahoe beach, Skunk Harbor is located on National Forest land. Of all the hike-down beaches on the East Shore, this one has the most challenging trail at 2.8 miles out and back and an almost 600-foot elevation gain. Leashed dogs are welcome—and don’t forget the poop bags!
  4. Whale Beach: From the parking area at Secret Harbor, it’s a relatively short hike to this popular and beautiful 100-yard beach. Because of the color of the sand, it is also called Black Sand Beach. Dogs on leashes are welcome—and of course, make sure to keep this area dog-friendly by being a responsible pet owner.

dog friendly tahoe beachesLake Tahoe North Shore Dog Friendly Beaches

  1. Carnelian West: Carnelian West is on the west side of the Sierra Boat Company in Carnelian Bay. It has 530 feet of public beach, a lakefront promenade, benches, picnic tables, barbecues, restrooms, and a boat launch. Dogs on leashes are welcome, and there are poop bags available.
  2. Coon Street Dog Beach: Next to the Kings Beach Boat Launch Facility and Kings Beach State Recreation Area, Kings Beach Picnic Area—called “Coon Street Dog Beach” by locals—is a one-acre shaded picnic area and beach where you’ll see off-leash dogs. Remember that this area is very rocky, especially in high lake water years.
  3. Hidden Beach: With the opening of the Tahoe East Shore Trail, Hidden Beach isn’t quite as hidden anymore—but it is still pet friendly. The trail is also dog-friendly, but in the summer, the paved paths can get very hot, and there are parts of the trail that don’t have much shade. Leashed dogs are welcome on this rocky beach with alcoves and adjacent boulder shoreline. 
  4. Patton Beach/Waterman’s Landing: This beach in Lake Tahoe is located near Carnelian Bay and allows dogs to enjoy the lake’s waters. Keep an eye out for the bustle on this three-acre pebbly beach, which is gradually becoming Lake Tahoe’s stand-up paddling headquarters.
  5. Secret Cove: A popular area that’s not quite so secret, Secret Cove’s dog friendly beach offers scenic views of Lake Tahoe. Dogs on leashes are welcome. Remember to pick up any mess before leaving and stay on the trails to keep the area clean.

Lake Tahoe South Shore Dog Friendly Beaches

  1. Connelly Beach: The City of South Lake Tahoe owns Connelly Beach and runs it with help from Tahoe Beach Retreat and Kayak Tahoe. This lovely beach has shallow water where you can wade. Dogs can only go in if they are on a leash. This beach is only open to the public from sunrise to sunset from June 1 to September 30 each year.
  2. Kiva Beach: Kiva Beach, also known as Kiva Shoreline, Tallac/Kiva Point, or Visitor Center beach, is located on National Forest land and boasts almost 200 yards of narrow, sandy shoreline next to a fragile marsh zone. Pets are welcome if they are on a leash, but please keep them away from the federally protected wetlands west of Tallac Point.
  3. Nevada Beach: Located on the southeast shore of Lake Tahoe, about two miles north of Stateline, Nevada Beach is another popular spot for you and your pup to enjoy Lake Tahoe. The half-mile of beautiful sandy beach has panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada 
  4. North Zephyr Cove Beach: This dog-friendly area is north of Zephyr Cove Resort in Lake Tahoe. There is a $10 fee to park at the resort, but you can park for free along Highway 50. The park is a popular place on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, so it gets busy on the weekends. Since the beach is rocky, you should wear shoes if you want to walk in the water.
  5. Regan Beach: South Lake Tahoe’s only water dog park is located on the East end of Regan Beach. Dogs are only allowed off-leash in the dog water park part of the beach near the park’s entrance. The beach faces north and features beautiful views, shallow swimming water, and a playground.
  6. Ski Beach (North Baldwin Beach): From Baldwin Beach, you can get to Ski Beach by boat or foot by going across Tallac Creek. There is no bridge across the creek, so the walk can be a little harrowing when the water is high. This dog-friendly beach in Tahoe is on land owned by the National Forest. It has 500 feet of lakeshore, a beautiful area next to Baldwin Beach, and easy boat access. You can bring leashed pets to the beach by boat, but not by car.
  7. Tallac Shoreline: Tallac Shoreline beach starts at the Camp Richardson fence and goes for about a quarter-mile along the shoreline next to the Tallac Historic Site. It is on National Forest land. You and your dog can hang out at the beach or picnic area. At the park, dogs on leashes are welcome.

Lake Tahoe West Shore Dog Friendly Beaches 

  1. 64 Acres Beach: Near Tahoe City’s downtown, 64 Acres Beach is a popular and picturesque beach in Lake Tahoe that allows dogs on leashes. Highway 89 is crossed by the 64 Acres recreation area, providing access to the Truckee River. 
  2. Chambers Landing: With your leashed dog, you can have a wonderful opportunity to go up close to Lake Tahoe at this little public beach situated on National Forest property. A well-liked eatery and bar are close to the beach.
  3. Kaspian Picnic Area: Bring your leashed pooch along to enjoy lunch with a view across Lake Tahoe at this picnic area. Along the Tahoe City bike path are many picnic tables, a 100-foot public pier, and a public restroom at this dog-friendly Tahoe beach.
  4. Hurricane Bay: Hurricane Bay Beach (also known as Pebble Beach) is located on Lake Tahoe’s west shore and extends across a half-mile shoreline. You and the pup can peep gorgeous North Lake Tahoe views and enjoy the crystal-clear water from the 50-foot designated dog friendly section. The bay is known for its deep water, so be careful when swimming and watch out for divers!
  5. Lake Forest Beach Park (Bristlecone): Located at the end of Bristlecone in Tahoe City, Lake Forest Beach Park, offers incredible views of the lake and is a popular spot for swimming, sightseeing, bird watching, horseshoes, picnicking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and windsurfing. The gravel beach is excellent for those dogs that like to soak up the sun and swim in the water.

The #1 Thing You Need At One Of Lake Tahoe’s Dog Friendly  Beaches

All the beaches around Lake Tahoe that allow dogs also ask that they be well-behaved and often on-leash. You and your pup will enjoy the lake more if Fido is adequately trained. Need help getting both of you Tahoe-ready? One of our dog training programs can help!

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