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Looking for a Reno Dog Trainer? Look no further! Dog Gone Amazing Education Center is a team of dedicated Dog Trainers committed to building a lifelong relationship with you and your dog. Our safe, clean and social facility—coupled with our knowledgeable loving staff of Reno dog trainers— offers your dog first-rate training and care. From our one-of-a-kind Board & Train packages to our fun and educational private lessons, Dog Gone Amazing Education Center is the most barked about dog training in Reno.



(Pronounced Mah-Ly-Kah) 

Owner and Training Director

I’m an animal enthusiast and I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people see animals in their true, clear awesomeness.” It’s me, Malaika! I’ve been surrounded by animals my whole life. I’ve had horses, dogs, rabbits … even seagulls! Yes, I fostered a seagull back to health at a very young age. I love animals … better yet, I love helping PEOPLE understand animals. They are so clear and simple to me but to most people they are complicated and humans can mess things up by getting too emotionally involved. That’s where I step in with my Dog Gone Amazing training skills.

I have been training animals my whole life, but have really been working specifically with dogs since 2000. My experience comes from working with dogs hands-on. I take pride in never turning a case away. I take every dog on as a challenge and/or a new learning experience. I have traveled around the country working with and following different trainers, taking bits and pieces of their styles to create my own touch.

I believe there are many effective ways to train a dog. At Dog Gone Amazing, we work with you and your dog to accomplish your specific goals. Everyone has different needs and every dog is different, requiring a different touch or process to learn by. We are open to all kinds of training here because the goal is to have your very own AMAZING dog!

emma wood


Emma has been a member of the DGA pack since 2015. She came to Dog Gone Amazing with training experience very similar to the DGA approach and philosophy — Emma and Malaika have trained with many of the same trainers nationwide! Emma firmly believes that there is not one style that fits all dogs and the more knowledge we can soak in from other trainers to help you with your dogs, the better. (No wonder Malaika loves her!)

Emma’s wide range of training experience is impressive for her age. She is young and eager to train dogs in all areas. She is currently studying how to train def and blind dogs and has a lot of interest in helping dogs with disabilities.

sally mills
Dog Trainer

Sally fell in love with animals at a young age, and has volunteered at various animal shelters since she was 8 years old. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Companion Animal Behavior and Science. Sally has worked with an assortment of dog daycares and other canine-related institutions, all of which were chaotically operated.

Dog Gone Amazing is unique because dogs get to enjoy play but also learn appropriate manners. Sally is very happy to have Malaika as a boss because she really does have the heart for this unique and important job. Sally will tell you over and over how very grateful and happy she is to be working for such a wonderful company.

Lauren wheaton

kennel manager

Lauren has worked for several dog daycare and boarding facilities in the past and brings a great deal of experience to Dog Gone Amazing. She is committed to keeping Dog Gone Amazing clean, calm and organized. You will see a lot of Lauren if you are doing daycare or boarding.

She is funny and kind and loves what she does. Lauren brings youth and excitement and such enthusiasm to the DGA team!

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