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Why DGA’s 10-Day Board & Train Is The Best Thing Since Bacon Flavored Treats 

Here at Dog Gone Amazing, we go by the motto “live as you train, train as you live.” Now we don’t mean your dog should be attending school for the rest of their lives (humans don’t even do that!) However, you and your dog have a very special bond, and working together on basic skills, manners and behaviors will strengthen that relationship.

While our most effective training program is a full 21-day Board & Train* obedience makeover, we understand that leaving your dog for that long can be a little much for those who have minimal training already. We’d like to highlight a program that we’ve seen to be the most popular with our clients.

We’ve Got Just The Thing!



Our Truly Paw-some package allows you to feel confident your dog will leave behind any of their destructive behaviors and become the well-trained friend you know they can be. This 10-day board & train package is designed for your personal needs. The package includes private, in-center lessons and your choice of two skills to focus on:

  • Loose leash walking, heel command
  • Instant and reliable recall
  • “Sit” and “down” stays
  • Distance work, “sit” and “down” commands from far away
  • “Place” command/boundary work
  • Manners: no jumping, nipping, whining or barking
  • Behavioral work: aggression, anxiety, fear, destruction
  • Potty training and crate training if needed

With mix-and-match training customization, concentrated in-center lessons and a doable 10 days from home, this 10-Day Board & Train Package is our most popular training program!

Committing to your dog’s training is one of the most rewarding things you can do to improve your communication and relationship with your dog. At DGA we know and love that all dogs are unique, and we are committed to providing the proper training and care based on their learning styles and motivations.  We also understand that your dog is a very important member of your family, and we encourage you to ask about our other customized Reno dog training programs.

*If you’re still interested in the 21-day Board & Train, but can’t fathom being away from your furry friend for so long, ask about our  3-week Pick-Em-Up Program.