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You and your dog have been on plenty of vacations together. You’ve hit the road and seen the four corners of the U.S. You’ve backpacked through the Sierras. You’ve even hit all the dog beaches on the coast of California. You love your dog, but this time you can’t bring him along. Or maybe you are laughing at the idea of bringing your dog on vacation because his behavior is way too unpredictable. Heck, you can’t even take him to the park without him running up a tree trying to chase a squirrel.

Whatever your situation, while you’re doing some solo traveling this summer, send your dog on his own vacation at Dog Gone Amazing.

Dog Gone Amazing


Dog Gone Amazing’s Board & Train facility is the perfect place for Fido to get away before school starts. While you’re away he will:

  • Learn new skills
  • Brush up on old ones
  • Socialize with other dogs in the great outdoors
  • Receive loving care from our knowledgeable trainers
  • Have lots of fun in a safe environment

Hiking with dogs reno

S0 what are you waiting for? Bring your pal by the best board and train facility in Reno and we’ll get him set up for a fun and safe vacation of his own.