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We know your dog is part of your family. Our one-of-a-kind Day Care program is designed for dogs by dog lovers to offer you the peace of mind that–while you’re apart–he or she is having a doggone good time in a safe, healthy and social environment!

Dog Gone Amazing’s Reno dog daycare–offered 5 days a week (Monday through Friday)–is completely unique and guarantees you and your dog these incredible benefits …

Small, Intimate Groups!

Unlike other facilities that can have 60+ dogs running around, our dog day care in Reno is exclusive and intimate. We keep our day care groups small (to around 12 guests) so our Reno dog trainers can provide the attention that each of our guests deserves!

Comfortable, Familiar!

Dogs who wish to come play at Day Care are required to have completed at least 2 of our training sessions. This ensures that, instead of one big roiling Rover rumpus, all our guests are already comfortable and familiar with us Reno dog trainers and our commands.

Daily Off-leash Hikes and Play Time!

If your dog is trained to handle off-leash situations, they’ll get to run, jump, play, and sniff all the fun smells in exciting natural environments all over our region on our daily group hikes. If your dog has not yet mastered off-leash training, they’ll still get to come have fun; we’ll just hike with them on-leash for now.

NOTE: This is the same incredible benefit offered to our Reno Board & Train guests.


Continued Training!

Dogs that come to day care don’t just laze about or waste time waiting for you to come pick them up. Spending days with our gang means learning, honing and reinforcing more skills, including:

  • • Social skills
  • • Off-leash recall
  • • Boundary awareness (e.g. place, lay down)
  • • NO barking, NO jumping up, NO digging, NO destruction!

Indoor & Outdoor Facilities!

We have not one but TWO big yards for double your dog’s delight!

NOTE: That’s not one but TWO more outdoor yards than most dog day care facilities!

Included Bath and Nail Trim!

If your pooch played in the muddle puddle, got down and dirty in the creek, or rolled right through that darn horse pie … no problem! We wash them so they return home fresh and huggable. We’ll also trim those toenails so, when you come to pick up your pup, you don’t get scratched in all the excitement of your reunion. INCLUDED IN DAY CARE COST!


Everything above is included in our rate of $40 / day. No hidden costs, no add-on fees … coun ‘em: zero!

Discounts Available!

Purchase a Dog Day Care package, save $8-10 per day.

  • • 10 Days – $320 … save $80
  • • 30 Days – $900 … save $300

Bringing more than one guest? Ask us about our Double Dog Discount!

  • • 10 Days – $500 … save $300
  • • 30 days – $1400 … save $1400

Give us a call today to get your pooch started with the best dog day care in Reno!


*Reservations Required. In order to ensure that your dog gets a spot in our small groups–and to be able to commit our full attention to them–we do require reservations for Day Care. We do find ourselves turning away drop-ins when our days are full. You can call us or use our email reservation system, which makes scheduling dog Day Care even easier than ever.


“When our labrador was 9 months old, she was rejected by TWO Doggie Day Care facilities because she would not listen. Dog Gone Amazing changed all that and now our lab comes when called, walks off leash and goes straight to bed when told to. When we got our second lab, there was no hesitation to have him trained by Dog Gone Amazing!
-Carla & Al Priester