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Ah, January 3, the day after the day we begin taking our resolutions seriously — and that goes for your dogs too! With the New Year in full swing (what happened to the time?), Dog Gone Amazing is jumping right in and training dogs to grow leaps and bounds this year. Below is DGA’s list of the best resolutions for your dog in 2017 to help to her become strong, social, healthy and upbeat! Take note for your pup!

  1. Socialize! Make some time for social outings with your furry friend. Just like people, dogs are social beings and they can get destructive or rowdy if they don’t have time with other dogs. If your dog is a wallflower or just needs general training, consider one of our group board and train packages.
  2. Get grooming. The new year is a perfect time for a nice bath, fresh cut, and trimmed claws. She’ll feel clean and confident for her first day at training.
  3. Prevent disease. Defend your pet against heart worm, fleas and other pests with preventative medication. Consult your vet to learn more about different options. And while you’re in there, schedule her annual check up!
  4. Tackle new terrain together. Try a new outdoor activity with your pet — snow hikes, kayaking, or even exploring an unfamilliar trail — get outside and bond over a new, heart pumping activity. That’s something everyone can benefit from!
  5. Fuel her adventures better. Personalize her diet and exercise routine. Depending on her size, breed, age and activity level, your dog needs specific nutrients to live a long and happy life. Maintaining a healthy body weight will also prevent heart disease, joint problems and illness in general.
  6. Take more drives together. This is big if you’re planning a road trip this summer. Whether you’re headed to a playdate or out to the hills for a hike, getting your dog accustomed to the car will help her manage car sickness.