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It’s never too soon or too late to train your dog and address unwanted behaviors or habits. Some can just be minor annoyances such as barking or having accidents in the house. However, any kind of aggression requires urgent and immediate action.

No matter the situation, and no matter your dog’s age or maturity, professional dog training can help. Here are five reasons to get the help you and your pup need to address challenging behaviors or situations.


5 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog ASAP

1. They Could Harm Themselves 

Most untrained dogs have at least one unwanted behavior that puts them at risk, such as running away, eating things they shouldn’t, or provoking fights with other dogs. Some owners make the mistake of waiting to get dog training because they think they can control their dog’s behavior well enough in the meantime. However, this is a mistake, and waiting can put their dog at greater risk. It just takes a moment for a dog to escape, eat something toxic, or pick a fight they can’t handle. 


If your dog shows any form of aggression, such as growling at people—especially children, baring their teeth, lunging, or displaying signs that they might become violent if provoked, don’t wait one more day to get them help. Aggressive dogs are unpredictable, and this kind of behavior requires focused work to see any improvement. Aggressive dogs will not become “tamer” over time. They need professional training to correct aggressive tendencies. 

Another behavior not to ignore is if your dog displays what’s called “resource guarding.” Some dogs have a habit of guarding food, and they may snarl, growl, or lunge at anyone who comes near them while they are eating. This kind of behavior is a warning sign. Without notice, an unknowing child could pet a dog while they are eating and get bitten. 

Dogs may also show resource guarding behavior over objects and even people. If your dog growls at other people who come near you, this is a big no-no. This behavior means your dog has decided that you are theirs to protect, and their aggression can quickly get out of control and cause significant damage. If your dog is showing aggression or resource guarding of any kind, don’t wait to seek training assistance. These are behaviors that must be corrected and only become more difficult to correct over time.


3. Unwanted Behavior Can Damage Relationships

We have met many owners who are just at their wit’s ends when it comes to their dogs. They have tried everything to address their dog’s negative behavior and habits, and nothing works. They want their dog to listen and behave, but every time they turn around, their dog is getting in the trash, peeing in their bedroom, ripping up the couch, or pulling them around the block on their walks. After a time of experiencing this, the loving feelings the owners once had for their dog become shrouded in resentment. The longer they put up with bad behavior and avoid getting professional help, the deeper and broader the divide becomes, which can completely change their relationship with their dog.

4. Bad Behavior Is Stressful For Everyone

Yelling and shouting at your dog for repeatedly for demonstrating bad behavior is no way to live. The time you spend with your dog should be fun or relaxing—or both! Dogs want to connect with their pack and let’s be honest, you want to connect with them, too. When your dog regularly is doing things that make it impossible for you to enjoy their companionship, it’s stressful. You’re stressed because you don’t know what to do about their bad behavior, and they’re stressed because they don’t understand why you’re always shouting and wagging your finger at them.

5. They Could Destroy Their Environment—And Yours

Many owners see training as a last resort and endure all kinds of negative dog behavior before getting help. We often see owners who have an untrained dog who inadvertently destroys carpet and furniture because they never learned to go potty outside. Other dogs may know to go potty outdoors but spend their time digging up the landscaping and water lines in the backyard or chewing on the patio furniture. 

In many cases, the reason these owners don’t seek help sooner is due to cost. However, the toll that poor dog behavior can take on an owner’s budget, time, and peace of mind is always more than dog training. 

For example, repairing the damage done to your home on the inside and outside far exceeds professional dog training costs. A professional carpet cleaning can cost up to $600 per service, and replacing carpets can cost up to $12,000. Replacing landscaping and patio furniture also can be incredibly expensive. And that’s only addressing the monetary costs. It’s hard to put a price on the damage done to your relationship with your dog and with other people. So, rather than avoiding the cost of training your dog, think of professional help as an investment in your pup, home, your peace of mind, and your relationships.

We Make Professional Dog Training Affordable

If you still feel like dog training is just a want and not a need, ask yourself—how much longer you can live with the risk, resentment, and stress? The answer is probably, “not a second longer!”

At Dog Gone Amazing, we make dog training easy and affordable:

  • If cost is an issue, we offer flexible training programs and payment plans to fit most budgets.
  • If you don’t feel you have enough time to train your dog, we offer all-inclusive Board and Train programs, which only requires a one-hour follow-up lesson.
  • If issues at home are a problem, DGA offers in-home training to help address the problems immediately, so you see changes quickly.
  • If you want a safe, contactless dog training option, we offer that too! 

The time to get your dog the training they need to be on their best behavior is right now! Book your dog training now with our New Year’s Special and earn a $5 bonus for every $25 you spend with us. Start the new year right by investing in your relationship with your furry best friend. You’ll be glad you did!