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member Boarding, Dog Day Care & Brush-up training

Dog Gone Amazing has a training-first approach. This means that our Boarding and Day Care services are limited to dogs who have completed an Advanced or Masters Training Program to become official DGA Members. While we love dogs of all shapes, breeds, ages and backgrounds, we strongly believe in creating a community where all dogs have been given the chance to learn and unleash their true potential. To learn more about our philosophy click here.

Dog Gone Amazing offers member-only boarding and dog day care services that are unlike any other in the Reno area. We pride ourselves on being a home away from home for our furry little alumni. Our mission is to support you and your dog well beyond training by providing services that will keep your dog socialized, exercised and up-to-snuff on their training. We hope you’ll join us in the future for overnight stays, hangouts and wild adventures that are sure to make your tail wag.

The Benefits of a Training First Community

SAFETY – Your dog is joined by other trained dogs that can be easily directed and that have been pre-monitored for any potential issues.

BONDING – We spend individual time training each dog which naturally builds close relationships. We’re more like family and a home-away-from-home for our DGA Dogs.

FOCUSED CARE – Our team is able to provide more individualized attention for dogs because we can spend less time managing their behavior and more time giving belly scratches and having fun.

FREEDOM! – One of the ultimate benefits for trained dogs is that they can be trusted to roam free on campus or on a hike instead of being limited to a kennel.



From breakfast to bedtime, the Dog Gone Amazing Inn is the place to stay! When it comes to dog lodging, our facilities and our daily activities have dogs far and wide excited for their next stay.


  • Private cozy kennel
  • (2) 1-hour daily playgroups
  • 1 hour hike or on-leash walk
  • Feeding, water, treats
  • Quick Rinse (if needed)
  • Report cards and photo updates



This is dog day care like no other! Your dog will get much-needed exercise as they romp around with the pack and engage in healthy social interaction. They’ll receive specialized care and attention, wellness checks and daily report cards. Or, amp it up and get ready for the ultimate adventure! Our Trek & Train program features a thrilling 2-hour hike in the beautiful hillsides and mountains of the Sierra Nevada, your dog will receive the heart-healthy exercise they need paired with consistent off-leash recall, pack travel and the freedom to explore with constant supervision.

brush-up training

Keep learning new skills or freshen up on current ones!  

At Dog Gone Amazing, we are BIG believers in continuous training. Helping your dog continue to work on their current skills helps them to master everything they learned in their initial training program. You can also use Brush-Up Training to teach them new specific skills or address new unwanted behavior if it should arise over the years. 



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